Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oracle Bigfile Tablespaces

After many years of ignoring Bigfile Tablespaces, I finally devoted some time to investigating them. I've been missing out. I've always hated building a "shell" database instance, then running my script to build my normal small file tablespaces, and add 10+ 8GB datafiles to each of my six main tablespaces. This is a LONG running script because the disk IO is not very fast in my existing SAN storage. This will not be an issue anymore in the near future, thanks to the folks at OWC. Still, managing 20-40 datafiles per tablespace is just plain aggravating. Now, I have one datafile per tablespace, that grows by 1GB in size as needed up to the filesystem limitation I am using, which is 32TB. I do not plan on outgrowing that anytime in the near future. Sure, it makes Rman recovery slower when recovering a single 300+gb datafile, but again, not on SSD. I don't use rman to begin with. Datapump thru bash shell scripts with Crontab is my backup of choice for my Linux/Oracle servers. Bigfile tablespaces will be going in during my upcoming server/storage refresh for my main tablespaces.

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