Sunday, September 5, 2010

OWC SSD in Macbook Pros

I received the two 13" MacBook Pro's and their OWC SSD's yesterday:

Installation was a snap taking a couple of minutes each:

After installing Mac OS X 10.6, I saw just how fast these things are. From the "dong" to logged in was only a matter of seconds, maybe 10 seconds from the power-on button.

I setup Bootcamp with Windows 7 X64 Ultimate because the two end-users requested this. After setting that up and installing the appropriate Bootcamp drivers, I updated them and rebooted.

I tried IOMeter  and saw good results, right at what was advertised. Being my curious self, I bumped the IO Size to 4MB and was surprised to see the performance even higher than advertised at 339MBs:

Now I am looking forward to seeing what 12 of those in RAID10 and RAID0 will do. Can't beat that for the price.

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