Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Corsair F240 SSD

I received them yesterday. I installed one in my Mac Pro and copied my Win7 VM to it.

Just finished running ATTO and this was the result:

To make formatting easier, here are the SQLIO results as a linked image:


Remember, this is a SINGLE drive in my Mac Pro, running a Windows 7 Ultimate X64 VMWare Fusion VM on it. The VM has 4GB of RAM and 4 CPU cores allocated to it. These tests were ran from within that VM. I know it wasn't "optimal" conditions, but the results look promising given the scenario. Not bad for a single $600 drive.

This is 3 of the F240's in RAID0:

 Now that makes a bit more sense. Not bad at all.

Of course with NAND, TRIM doesn't work with RAID, so the life of the drive may be shortened somewhat until support for TRIM with RAID surfaces.

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