Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD's

The verdict is in. We're going with the OWC RE Pro SSD's in our Hyper-V and Oracle DB servers. Why, you ask? Well, the Raid Edition comes with a full 5-year warranty and 28% over-provisioning. My testing of 3x Corsair F240's convinced me the Sandforce-based SSD's are Enterprise-class, and they have the performance I want. Corsair doesn't have the 5-year warranty of the OWC product. OWC put it in writing that if I happen to "write-out" the drives before the warranty is up, they will replace them under warranty. That's standing by your product. I only plan to use them for 3 years because that's our leasing cycle. They'll be replaced in 3 years, so I'm not worrying about the write-cycle lifetime in RAID10. We're also putting them in all developer workstations and notebooks from here on out.

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