Saturday, July 31, 2010

PCI-E SSD? Um, maybe, maybe not.

After further testing, the OCZ Z-Drive seems to choke when pushed to 8 & 16 threads. My future Oracle servers will be pushing 32 threads, and having my storage choking out is not an option. I know the RAID controller in the R910 can feed the CPU's easily. Now I am pondering on 14x OWC SSD's in RAID10, with the 2 remaining disk slots housing 146GB 15k SaS disks in Raid1 for the Linux OS and Oracle_Home. I'm wondering what kinda IOPS and performance 14 of those in RAID10 will attain. Maybe it's time to "test" that theory out. The OWC disks have a full 5-year warranty and use the new Sandforce controller. Hmmm..... Maybe handing those 14 disks to ASM would be best. Yes, it's time for more testing. OCZ is out of the picture now. It's a prosumer product purporting to be an enterprise product. Pushing past 2 simultaneous threads revealed that as truth in my eyes. A wise man once said "Truth is treason in the empire of lies."

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