Saturday, July 24, 2010

SQLIO testing underway.

I've been running some SQLIO tests on the Fusion IO and OCZ PCI-E SSD's today. I'm still running them now, and will be "making sense" of the results for a post in the new future. There's so many options in SQLIO that you can spend a LOT of time with it. The good thing is, it shows latency and IO data as well as raw disk performance. Really cool utility. You can check it out here. Yes, it runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 just fine. i highly recommend checking our Brent Ozar's write-up/tutorial on it at SQLServerPedia. Be sure to read the readme and param.txt files in the installation directory. I didn't see it mentioned in his tutorial. The param.txt will let you specify the filesize for the test file(s) so you don't run out of space while testing.

The next week will be a fun one for sure.


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